The National Quality Award® (PNQ) is the highest recognition of the leading Brazilian companies in quality, productivity, competitiveness and management. The award aims to encourage the scientific, economic and social development of the country by diffusing successful management practices and techniques, and establishing benchmarks for the continuous improvement of Brazilian organizations.

Currently, there are over 75 quality and competitiveness awards in approximately 100 countries given out to private and public companies. In Brazil and Latin America, PNQ sets the standard in this theme. The winning companies, when given the maximum recognition, are given the “World Class” status that place them among the best and most respected in the world. For this reason, the award is a key point in FNQ’s efforts to be a Reference Center (CR) on Management Excellence.

Why applying for the PNQ?

The National Quality Award (PNQ®) fosters improved management quality and increased organizational competitiveness. The award process seeks to:

  • Encourage the cultural, political, scientific, technological, economic and social development of Brazil;
  • Provide organizations with a benchmark model for their continuous improvement;
  • Publicly recognize the management quality excellence of World Class organizations;
  • Disseminate successful management practices aimed at benchmarking.

Applying for the PNQ helps the company to undertake a deep review of its management model. The work is carried out by trained, certified examiners guided by a strict code of ethics. At the end of the process, a comprehensive Assessment Report is produced and delivered to each applicant. This report is developed after the visit phase, the second to last in the cycle.

What are the benefits for a company assessed in the PNQ cycle?

The Management Report (RM) measures the management excellence level of the applicant in all its areas and within all its activities. Based on this assessment, the people linked to the organization start considering it in a comprehensive, systemic manner. That makes everyone focus on the same objectives. Achieving very high performance in global results is then a natural effect of the high management excellence level. In addition, the participation in PNQ assessment cycles contributes to creating a culture that fosters learning and continuous performance improvement. The report issued at the end of the cycle also allows the assessment of suppliers, customers, partners and even competitors.

PNQ’s Board of Examiners consists of over four thousand professionals from a wide range of performance areas, who have done over 280 thousand hours of volunteer work in favor of Management Excellence. If the organization reaches the site visit phase, it will receive examiners for confirmation and complementation of the information presented in the Management Report (RM). There are then three possible outcomes: Award Recipient, Finalist or Meritorious Performance in one of the eight Criteria for Excellence.

See below the companies awarded with the PNQ.